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Rotterdam has a very large range of hotels accommodation from group specialist thru to 5 star hotels. All the main hotels can be booked from this website. To check on availability and make a booking you can visit: www.rotterdam.info.

Rotterdam welcomes you

At 52 degrees north latitude and 4 degrees east longitude where the waters of Europe’s larges rivers merge to flow into the North Sea, you’ll find Rotterdam, the city with Europe’s largest seaport. With approximately 600.000 inhabitants Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. A compact yet cosmopolitan city, with a young, dynamic and international population that consists of over 170 nationalities. The city has a lot to offer its visitors: sports, culture, architecture, nightlife and shopping. Rotterdam can be comfortably reached by all modes of transport. The city offers an ample selection of excellent accommodations to its visitors.










Rotterdam City of Sports

Rotterdam is the number one sports city of the Netherlands. No other city features as many (top-class) sporting events each year. Annual events on the Rotterdam sports calendar include the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, the Rotterdam indoor 6-day cycling event, the Fortis Rotterdam Marathon, CHIO Rotterdam (equestrian event) and the Bavaria City Racing. In addition, Rotterdam is regularly the proud host city for top national and international events. Highlights of the last few years include the ITF Davis Cup in 2001 and 2007, the IHF Champions Trophy Hockey Men in 2001 and 2008, the 2003 IKF World Korfball Championships, the 2005 IJF European Judo Championships, the 2005 IBAF World Baseball Championships, the Volvo Ocean Race 2006, and the Red Bull Air Race in 2005 and 2008.


No less than three world championships will be held in Rotterdam these following years. The Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2010, the Table Tennis World Championships 2011 and the Squash World Championships 2011. ‘Sports’ will become practically synonymous with ‘Rotterdam’ in the next few years, and has been for the last decade.