DATE:                        Saturday 1 december 2018

LOCATION:               Topsportcentrum Rotterdam

Van Zandvlietplein 20

3077 AA Rotterdam


ORGANISATION:     Unity’99 Rotterdam  (www.unity99.nl)

                                       (Wil van Daalen)



TEAMS YOUTH                                                      TEAMS YOUTH

10-11 years boys team and girls team               12-13 years boys team and girls team

3 competitors per team + 1 reserve                      3 competitors per team + 1 reserve

TEAMS CADET                                                            TEAMS JUNIORS
14-15 years boys team and girls team                   16-17 years boys team and girls team
3 competitors per team + 1 reserve                     3 competitors per team + 1 reserve  

TEAM -21 YEAR                                                  TEAMS SE

-21 YEAR male  and female team                    +18 years male team and female team

3 competitors per team + 1 reserve             3 competitors per team + 1 reserve



It is possible to have dispensation for one competitor per team.

This means that one team can consist of members of two different karate clubs.


Rule of the game:                 WKF rules


Note!: Mouth guard and red and blue protection for hands, feet and lower leg are mandatory.


Rules of competition:        Every athlete will fight his match!  All points scored will be added up to a total score at the end of the 3 fights. The team with the most points is the winner.


                                                 Note: When the total score after 3 fights is equal then the match wins decides the winner.



Deadline:                               Both registration and payment should be received on November 19th 2018 at the latest.



Registration Fee:                Youth and Cadets €60,00. Juniors, -21 year and Seniors €75,00.

Registration fee can only be transferred  karate school/sport association to the following account: NL51INGB0003084381at the name of Budo Vereniging Unity99 (name and club)


Registration:                        sportdata.org



Teams youth/ -21 year:                     sign in from 08.30-09.00 hrs

                                                                 start of competition planned at 09.30 hrs

Teams cadet/ juniors/seniors:          sign in from 13.00-13.30 hrs

                                                                start of competition planned at 14.00 hrs








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